Youth Sports

It is the mission of the Granger Parks and Recreation Department to create recreational opportunities for growth, citizenship and positive character building by developing services and programs that promote youth involvement and a strong sense of community while striving to increase the social, cultural, and physical well-being of all participants.

WINTER (December-February):

  Youth Basketball League (cont.)
  Little Hawk Hoopsters Clinic TK-Kindergarten
  TOT Basketball

SPRING (March-May):

     Champ (18 months – 5 year old Soccer)
    Granger Little League- Contact President Randy Chiri  (They are separate from the City Rec)

SUMMER (June-August):

     Bam Bam Baseball Ages 3-5
     Soccer K-2nd Grade
     Youth Volleyball Summer Camp Kindergarten – 8th grade
     Rounded Minds Sports

FALL (September – November):

     Youth Volleyball Fall Clinic Kindergarten – 5th grade
     Flag Football 5 week Clinic TK-Kindergarten
     Flag Football League 1 – 2nd Grade
     WG Tackle Football League Grades 3 – 6- Email with questions-  (They are separate from the City Rec)
     Youth Basketball League Grades 1st – 2nd Grade
     Beavercreek Youth Wrestling- Contact Rick Sloss (They are separate from the City Rec)