March 26, 2018 Minutes

Granger Parks and Rec Board Meeting 03-26-2018

Granger Parks and Recreation Board Meeting

March 26, 2018


Meeting called to order at 7:00pm


Board members present: Lexi Diersen, Carla Drennen, Angie Sebastian, Jeri Wendzel, Jennifer Kopp

Approval of Agenda: All Ayes

Approval of February 26 Meeting Minutes: All Ayes

Public members in attendance: Parks and Recreation director Jennifer Harned, Parks maintenance Brian Feick


Director’s Report:

~ New Program Guide/ Summer Planning; Summer/Fall Program completed; programs were mailed out and registration opened April 1st for the Spring/Summer/Early Fall programs. Summer Camp planning is underway. Sharon who ran the K-5th Grade camp last summer will be heading up both Preschool and K-5th Grade this summer. Activities have already begun to be planned. Jennifer Harned as also met with the new aquatics direction in Perry to discuss the partnership between them and the Granger Parks and Recreation for swim lessons again.

~ Parks and Recreation, in conjunction with Stonebridge Church provided this year’s Easter egg hunt and will continue to provide the Easter Egg Hunts in the future.

~ Laser Tag event with the Library was very successful with 25 students and parents. Planning on hosting another teen event soon.

~ Bricks 4 Kidz is running on Tuesdays after school and has continued to be successful with 11 students registered.

~ Art Classes have preschool and school age Students and will begin another session in April

~ Kindergarten basketball ran through February with 24 students. Numbers were a little lower, but was open to older preschool age students.

~ Public Survey appears to have been quite successful. There were 82 online surveys submitted and 36 paper surveys. This will hopefully provide the Parks and Recreation with a much clearer idea of what the residents would like to see in the future.

~ Partnership with Woodward Granger Schools

Jennifer Harned has met with Shannon Ashman to discuss collaboration to provide physical activity for the preschool age group in the future. This program will be similar to the library program and offer a free service once a month.

Jennifer Harned has also met with Rebecca Maas to discuss partnering with the school on their upcoming inclusive playground at Grandwood. Active play is just as important for children with disabilities. These children are at a higher risk of social isolation and studies have found that children with disabilities are excluded from play significantly more often than their peers without disabilities. These studies also show that peer interaction between people with and without disabilities is enhanced when there are opportunities to interact with peers without disabilities. (Guralnick, et. al., 2007)

~ Jennifer will be (has) attending (attended) the Playground Safety Inspector Course April 9-11 in Ashland Nebraska


Trails Committee Update:

The Granger Community Visionary Committee was to meet March 28th at 6pm at the City Hall.


CCRA and Parks Report

CC – 43% Spent

Parks – 71% Spent


Grants Update

Granger Parks and Recreation and Community Center was the recipient of the Delta Dental grant that was applied for and has been given to replace the water fountain in the Community Center. This new fountain has been put in and includes the ability to fill water bottles.


The Dallas County Foundation grant was not granted, this grant has quite a lot of competition from other towns that also applied.


New Business:

Next meeting approved for Monday, April 23, 2018 at 7pm in the Granger Community Center