January 22, 2018 Minutes

January 22 Parks and Rec Board Meeting

Granger Parks and Recreation Board Meeting Minutes

January 22, 2017


Granger Community Center



Meeting called to order at 7:08pm


In attendance:

Jeri Wendzel, Carla Drennen, Angie Sebastian, Jennifer Knopp


Absent: Lexi Diersen


Public in attendance: Jennifer Harned, Parks and Recreation Director; Brad F.


Approval of this meeting’s agenda: All Ayes


Approval of the Budget meeting minutes: All Ayes


Board discussed items:


Director’s Report:

Jennifer announced that there has been collaboration with the library on a teen program and will host a laser tag at the community center on Friday February 16th.


Budget Fiscal Year 2019:

The Budget meeting for council will be Wednesday, January 31st to finalize budget. It was suggested that we provide project ranking suggestions. Further discussion was had.


Jennifer and Brad have been working on a prioritized list of projects in terms of 5 year budget plan with the top 7 items as follows:


  1. Oven: this is to replace the current gas oven with an electric oven as well as including the removal of the gas and making it electrical.
  2. Strategic Plan for a Sports Complex: This is a strategy plan to determine what we want the Sports Complex to look like, how we want it set up and where we would want to place it.
  3. Conference Walls: This is to knock out two walls, one between the two conference rooms and one between the two storage rooms, making them each two rooms instead of the current 4, which would provide more space.
  4. Concession Stand: This is to finish the concession stand at the baseball fields by the ELC/Community Center, this includes counters, sinks, appliances.
  5. Parking Lot completion at the Community Center: This is a phased project, in which certain areas would be completed first before other areas. The estimated costs is still in the works but looking at close to 500,000 dollars to complete the entire parking area. This would make it so that there are more parking spaces for events at either the baseball fields or the community center so that residents are not parking on the grass.
  6. Centennial Concession Stand: To replace and renovate the concrete around the concession stand
  7. Accordion Wall: To replace the wall dividing the staged area and the dining area of the community center with a wall that can be pulled back to one side, opening both sides to each other.



Discussions were also had regarding the Partners in the Park possibly helping out with some items, depending on how much is raised during the Partners in the Park Red Solo Cup event which is themed Casino Night at the Assumption Church on February 24th.



After all discussions were had with regards to the list of 7, a decision was made to look into getting new equipment for programs, especially for the morning bootcamp. All Ayes were given to get new equipment as needed for the programs.


Volley ball is going well, there are a total of 6 teams and they are 3 weeks into the program event.


The Parks and Recreation Director, Jennifer Harned, was approached about having pickleball. The decision was made to put this question on the city survey as well as placing Spring soccer on the survey. There will be a 2 week time limit to fill out the survey and return to Jennifer once they go out to the town..


Next Parks and Recreation Board meeting will be February 26th at 7pm at the Community Center.


Motion was made to adjourn the meeting, All Ayes.