Granger City Council Meeting Agenda 5/9/2018

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Granger City Council Agenda

May 9, 2018 – 7 p.m.

City Hall, 1906 Main Street


PUBLIC HEARING – on amendment to FY 2017-2018 Granger City Budget


  1. Roll Call
  2. Consent Agenda—Approval of Agenda; Approve April 11, 2018, Minutes; Library Report; Treasurer Report; Clerk Report
  3. Public Forum
  4. Police Report
  5. Fire Department Report
    1. Action to approve receiving an UTV from Struthers Brothers and an enclosed trailer from the EMS Auxiliary
    2. Action to approve changes to the Bylaws
  6. Ambulance Report
  7. Public Works Report
  8. Parks and Recreation Report
  9. Mike Greif – request to extend health/dental insurance with the City, premium to be reimbursed
  10. John Erikson – Kidsave Cookout at Community Center, June 9, 4-9 p.m.
  11. Action to approve free Community Center 4-hour rental as silent auction item at Kidsave Cookout
  12. Trails Committee – proposal to form separate non profit entity
  13. Report from Plan and Zoning Commission – Grandwood Education Center
  14. Action on Resolution 2018-11 – approving Site Plan
  15. Action on Resolution 2018-12 – approving Architectural Plan
  16. Urban Renewal Area Amendment (and Development Agreement)– portion of Ironwood Estates
  17. Engineer’s Report
  18. Action to approve Engagement Letter with Ahlers & Cooney, P.C.
  19. Action to authorize City Engineer to proceed with preparation of Amendment to Plan
  20. Ironwood Estates Plat 3
    1. Engineer’s Report
    2. Action to approve revision to Final Plat to change bi-attached lots to single lots rather than half lots
  21. The 2018 Sidewalk Improvement Program
  22. Engineer’s Report
  23. Action on Resolution 2018-13 – ordering construction of the 2018 Sidewalk Improvement Program, and fixing a date for hearing thereon and taking of bids therefor
  24. Discussion and possible action – on allowing property owners to construct sidewalk in lieu of assessment
  25. The Sidewalk Improvement Program – 2017
  26. Engineer’s Report
  27. Request by Holzworth Construction, LLC
  28. Discussion and possible action – Beneventi Chevrolet request for voluntary annexation and voluntary severing of property
  29. City Engineer – Reports on any other projects and matters
  30. Discussion
  31. Twin Eagles sign clean up
  32. Tree rebate idea
  33. Follow-up – engine braking ordinance on Highway 17/Twin Eagles
  34. Potential annexation east of the City
  35. Action on Resolution 2018-14 – approving amendment to FY 2017-2018 Granger City Budget
  36. Report – Finance Committee – Bice and Schutt
  37. Approval of Bills for Payment
  38. Mayor’s Report
  39. Community Forum – June 7th, 6-8 p.m.
  40. Correspondence
  41. Adjournment

Kristy Trzeciak, City Clerk