Granger City Council Agenda 2-13-2019

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Granger City Council Agenda

February 13, 2019 – 7 p.m.

City Hall, 1906 Main Street



  1. Roll Call
  2. Consent Agenda—Approval of Agenda; Approve January 9, January 16, and February 6, 2019, Meeting Minutes; Library Report; Treasurer Report; Clerk Report
  3. Public Forum
  4. Jim Vermaas – request for curb at 2602 Willow at city expense
  5. Granger Trail Hub Plaza project
    1. Report by Genus
    2. Action on Resolution 2019-5 – authorizing construction of the project and approving construction and bidding documents prepared by Genus
    3. Action authorizing Genus to solicit competitive quotations for the project, with quotations due at City Hall by noon on March 8, 2019
  6. Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority
    1. Correspondence – the obligation of withdrawing City to fund share of bonds or credit obligations
    2. Action on Resolution 2019-6 – authorizing DART to levy property taxes in Granger in the amount of $19,344.94 in FY 2019-2020 Budget
  7. 2015 Urban Water Quality Initiative – Engineer’s Report
  8. Capital Improvement Plan – discussion
  9. City Engineer – Reports on any other projects and matters
  10. Action to refer to Plan and Zoning Commission the rezoning of Parcel B (south of Ironwood Estates) from A-1 to R-3 (20’ by 625’ parcel owned by the City acquired in 2005)
  11. Action to approve Resolution 2019-4 – appointing representative and alternate representative to Dallas County Emergency Management Commission
  12. Action on Ordinance No. 377 – amending Code Section 135.06 to refer to EMS Department, first reading
  13. Action on Ordinance No. 378 – amending Code Chapter 8 (Urban Renewal Area) by adding the area included in Amendment No. 4 to the Granger Urban Renewal Plan, first reading
  14. Public Works Report
  15. Police Report
  16. Fire Department Report
  17. EMS Department Report
  18. Parks and Recreation Report
    1. Action to accept Midwest Technologies quote of $5,619 for Community Center acoustics
    2. Action to authorize purchase of $1,300 entryway furniture from Lake Country Bible Chapel Choir donation
  19. Action to set public hearing on FY 2019-2020 City Budget for 7 p.m. on March 13, 2019
  20. Report – Finance Committee – Bice and Schutt
  21. Approval of Bills for Payment
  22. Mayor’s Report
  23. Correspondence
  24. Adjournment

Kristy Trzeciak, City Clerk