February 6th, 2019 Minutes

February 6, 2019 Minutes

Granger Parks and Rec Board Meeting, February 6th, 2019


  1. General Agenda Items:

Call to Order: Jeri Wendzel called to order at 7:02p.m.

Roll Call: Present – Jeri Wendzel, Jennifer Kopp, Ryan Castro, and Carla Drennen.

Members of Public – Jennifer Harned (Parks and Rec Director), Brad Feick

Approval of the Agenda – Carla Motions, Ryan seconds (all ayes)

Approval of January 2nd, 2019 Minutes: Carla motions, Jenn seconds (all ayes)

Public Forum-


  1. Board Discussion Items
  2.   Director Report:


  1. Concession Stand – There was a miscommunication with Partners of the Park and we do not have sufficient funds to finish the concession stand
  • Concession Stand Manager – Job description for the future
  • Partners of the Park never actually approved the amount of money.
  • Jen may bring it up at the next city council meeting


  1. Painting at Community Center: Brad should have the painting and flooring at the Community Center done by next week.


III. Trivia Night: I would like to host a Trivia Night for adults on Friday April 12th.

  • Possibly have 21 and up because of BYOB.
  • Doors open at 6, trivia runs from 7-9,
  • Maybe we could use a group looking to raise money to provide food, or a food truck.
    • Jen will reach out to trails
  • Team size of around 2- 8 maximum. (Erik arrived at 7:19)
  • Prize?
    • Maybe ask Bud’s to donate $100 as a prize for drinks.
  • Cost per teams: $20


  1. Acoustics:
  • Two quotes from Midwest Technologies for the acoustics at the community center. We have budgeted $6,000 for this current fiscal year.
    • In order to do the whole building, it will actually be $15,000.
    • The quote for $5,600 was just for the dining room/event room.


  1. $2,000 donation: The Lake Country Bible Chapel Choir uses the facility during the day every Thursday for choir practice. They made a donation last month in the amount of $2,000. After discussing the needs for the choir, I would like to use this donation to purchase some comfortable furniture for the entryway for parents to sit and gather while waiting for their children to finish up practice. The cost of this furniture would be $1,300.
  • Has to propose to city council.


  1.   Rental: We have had a few inquiries about having the resident vs. non-resident fee reviewed.
  • Look into what other towns do for fees and possibly reevaluate what we are charging.

VII. Summer Movie Selections – Discount if decided by 2/14

  • Friday, June 28th: Jumanji-Welcome to the Jungle – $263
  • Friday, July 26th:  Wonder- $277
  • August 24th, Granger Days: Incredibles 2 – $305

            VIII. Safety Town – Discussing with School. Would like to do a program for incoming                Kindergarten/1st grade students that covers safety including bike safety, walking to                       school safety, fire, strangers, bullying, etc.


  1. CCRA/Parks: Currently, out of our 2018/2019 fiscal budget, Parks is 52% spent, and the Community Center is 27% spent.
  2. Grants Update:
  • Dallas County Foundation- We would use fun, safe, and gym items for children
  • Bach Family Foundation grant- Money would be used for a Murder Mystery Event for Teens.
  • Iowa Parks and Rec Grant of $1,000: would use for a tv to show announcements/advertisements


III. Board Action: None.


  1. Old Business: None.


  1. New Business: Next meeting will be Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 7 PM.


VI Adjournment: All Ayes to Adjourn


Erik motions, Jenn seconds, meeting adjourned at 9:28 PM


Submitted by Jennifer Kopp, Secretary