February 26, 2018 Minutes

Granger Parks and Rec Board Meeting Minutes 2-26-2018

Granger Parks and Recreation Board Meeting Minutes


Call to order: 7:04pm

Roll Call


Lexi Diersen

Carla Drennen

Jeri Wendzel

Jennifer Kopp


Angie Sebastian

Also present were Jennifer Harned and Brad Feick


Board Discussion Items:

Director’s report:

~Budget: Updated 2018-2019 Budget

Most everything got approved for the coming budget year. Items of note are:

-Approved Bathroom & Storage locks

-Approved desktop for Brad Feick

-Floor and Acoustics were approved

Items not approved are as follows:

-Stove and gas removal

Gas will be turned off until it is needed. Rental application of community center will now                                         include the choice of stove or no stove. Fire department will come light the stove if needed

-No raise for Jennifer Harned for certification

-No removal of wall in conferences, no accordion wall

-No carpet cleaning in building repair/maintenance

~Survey: Updated some corrections and approved to be sent out via letter and email.

~New program guide/summer planning

Summer camp planning is underway; Sharon who ran the K-5th grade camp last summer will                                be heading up both preschool and K-5th grade this summer. She has begun planning activities.                       Jennifer is also meeting with the new aquatics director in Perry to discuss our partnership with                      swim lessons again. Goal is to have guide sent to printers by March 14th and registration for                        spring/summer/early fall open April 1st. Discussion items are movie choices, Easter Egg Hunt                      Opportunity, Beggers Night, Mother/Daughter Tea party and Soccer dates.

~Partnership with Woodward Granger Schools

Jennifer Harned met with Shannon Ashman to discuss collaboration to provide physical activity                           for the preschool age group in the future. This program would be similar to the library program                         and offer a free service once a month. Jennifer has met with Rebecca Maas to discuss partnering                      with the school on their upcoming inclusive playground at Grandwood. Active play is just as                             important (perhaps more) for children with disabilities.  The hope is that the inclusive                                        playground will allow for children both with and without disabilities to be able to play together                         without significant changes to the play environment.

~Trails Committee Update: Dates changed, uncertain as to when


CCRA Report:

Community Center budget is 39% spent with a revenue of $3,000 since Dec 19th

Parks Report:

Parks and Recreation budget is 66% spent with a revenue of $4,124.24 since December 19th

Grants update:

~2018 Dallas County Grant:

Jennifer has submitted a grant application for the Dallas County Foundation Grant to help                                provide additional programming equipment to have on hand for youth and adult programming. Grant               will notify winners in March/April


~2018 Paint Iowa Grant:

Jennifer went ahead and submitted for the Paint Iowa Grant through Keep Iowa Beautiful. This grant                       is a collaboration with Diamond Vogel Paint of Orange City Iowa to provide groups paint for                          community enhancement projects. If selected, the project will include the entryway, event room and                dining       room at the Community Center. They will notify grant winners in March/April.


~Delta Dental of Iowa Grant:

Jennifer went ahead and submitted a grant application to Delta Dental of Iowa Grant for replacing                the water fountain at the Community Center. This update would include a new water fountain system             that would include a bottle filling spot. Using a bottler filling station would reduce plastic bottle           waste and provide filtered water through the water fountain. Grant Winner notification date is                            unknown.


~2018 Bock Family Foundation Grant:

Jennifer went ahead and submitted a grant application to the Bock Family Foundation Grant for                        removing the wall between the two small meeting rooms at the Community Center. This update                                would open the space better and accommodate for programming. Grant winner notifications will be                in April/May


~2018 Build with Bags Grant:

Jennifer will be submitting for the Build with Bags Grant again this year. This grant will include 8                new trash receptacles surrounding Centennial Park. They will announce the grant winners on Earth                 Day, April 22nd.



Other updates:

~Spring Conference and Trainings:

Jennifer will be attending the Spring IAPRA Conference in Iowa City March 26-28th. Jennifer                                     will also be attending the Playground Safety Inspector Course April 9-11th in Ashland, Nebraska


~Adult Programming

Hy-Vee Freezer Meal hosted another very successful class. We will begin to offer this every other                month due to the popularity.

Adult Volleyball ended with their final playoff game on Sunday February 18th. Great feedback and                  many are wanting to add a second season. Yoga and Axis continue to be successful evening fitness              programs



~Youth Recreation Programs:

Lil Hawk Hoopsters ended February 24th

Youth Dance ended their last performance on  Thursday February 8th.

Bricks 4 Kidz after school program began Tuesday February 27th.

TOT Basketball and Creative Genius Art Classes are in session and continue to grow.


~Movies in the Park will continue once more but will only have three movies, with the final movie being     shown at the end of the Granger Days event on August 25th. There were several choices with the first               movie showing on June 30th and will be Star Wars. Last two movies will be finalized over the coming               month.


~The Easter Egg Hunt that is usually done by the Granger Nursing Center will no longer be hosted by          them. They have decided to step aside on the annual hunt. This year’s hunt will be sponsored by the Parks     and Recreation and the Stonebridge Church. Date and time has since been decided as March 31st at               10:30am at the Community Center with 6,000+ eggs and open to ages 0-11.



Next Parks and Recreation Board Meeting will be Monday, March 26, 2018 at 7:00 pm at the Granger Community Center.