December 10, 2018 Minutes

December 10th, 2018 Minutes

Granger Parks and Rec Board Meeting, Monday December 10, 2018


  1. General Agenda Items:

Call to Order: Jeri Wendzel called to order at 7:00p.m.

Roll Call: Present – Jeri Wendzel, Jennifer Kopp, Ryan Castro, Erik Smith, and Carla Drennen.

Members of Public – Jennifer Harned (Parks and Rec Director), Brad Feick

Approval of the Agenda – Erik Motions, Jenn seconds

Approval of November 7th, 2018 Minutes: Erik motions, Ryan seconds

Public Forum-

  1. Brent Achenbach-Youth Basketball (3rd-grade and Up):
    1. Started Youth Basketball League a few years ago and brought in about $12,000 in profit.
    2. This year, they went through Clive Parks and Rec because it was cheaper and the games are only on Sundays.
    3. Currently, he organizes the teams and sends them to Clive. They run almost everything else
      1. He runs registeration, orders supplies, and recruits volunteers.
    4. They play in Waukee and host some:
      1.  He typically has 10 to 12 on a team which caused more difficulty.
      2. He has hired more referees this season
        1. Including High School Basketball players.
      3. League games and I-35 games could be travel games if interested.
    5. There are two seasons:
      1. 1st Season: October to December.
      2. 2nd Season: January to the end of February.
    6. It costs $575 for team.
      1. Fee of $100 for a child.
      2. Everyone in the league would be registered and receive a jersey.
    7. Bret is still interested in helping coach if needed.
      1. He would also like to see the profit go back to basketball
      2. Jen would like to have him come in for coaches meetings
      3. We could have him organize the tournaments and we could registration.
      4. Or, the city could be contracted out for registration
    8. We could get to have more gym time available to benefit our K-2nd-grade Basketball League, if Parks and Rec ran the program.
  1. Board Discussion Items
  2. Director Report:


  1. Flooring Bids: Number one priority for Jen and Brad everything except the great room and Jen’s office would be redone with a bid at
  2. Carpet squares may work better in hallway.
  3. From a cleaning and aesthetic, LVT may be better.
  4. You could have a run-off rug/carpet that would be a safer option.
    1. There are two quotes
      1. Heritage Interiors: Phase 1 Bid is $14,500
  • Does not include cost of removing toilets or moving furniture
    1. Mikes: Phase 1 Bid is $15,064 (approved pending background check)
  • Does include removing toilets and furniture
  • Motioned: Ryan motioned, Jeri seconded

iii.  For acoustic panel: Bid was about $5,000


  1. Painting at Community Center: Board decided colors to paint entire community center.
  • Jenn motions, Ryan seconds. All ayes.

III. Nursing Home Sponsorship: A good place to start with our sponsorship. T-shirts are cheap for the Nursing Home.

  1. Budget 2019-2020:
  • Parks: Asking for $18,000 more than what was approved last year.
  • Community Center: Asking for about $7,000 more than what was approved last year.
  1. Captial Improvement: City council is asking for us to present a Capital Improvement Plan. Jen will write a grant in order to expediate adding the dog waste pick up stations.
  2. CCRA/Parks: Currently, out of our 2018/2019 fiscal budget, Parks is 23% spent, and the Community Center is 9% spent.
  3. Grants Update: None.


III. Board Action: None.


  1. Old Business: None.


  1. New Business: Next meeting will be Wednesday, November 2, 2019 at 7 PM.


VI Adjournment: All Ayes to Adjourn

Erik motions, Jenn seconds, meeting adjourned at 9:28 PM


Submitted by Jennifer Kopp, Secretary