City Council Meeting Minutes 2/14/2018

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Mayor Tony James opened the public hearing on request of Granger Land Company, LLC to rezone certain property (part of Outlot Y of Ironwood Estates Plat 2) from the R-1-A single family district to the planned unit development zoning designation, and to amend the City’s comprehensive plan to ensure that the requested change in zoning classification conforms to the City’s comprehensive plan at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall, 1906 Main Street, Granger, Iowa 50109.

Mayor James opened the regular City Council meeting at 7:01 p.m.

Roll Call:  Present:  Bice, Backous, Saak, Schutt          Not Present:  Bermel

Backous made motion to approve the consent agenda, seconded by Bice.  All Ayes.

Police Report – From 1/8/18-2/11/18 reported 1 criminal mischief, 3 suspicious vehicles, 1 citizen assist, 3 accidents, 2 fire department assists, 1 theft, 1 attempted burglary, 1 civil standby, 1 traffic hazard, 1 suicidal person, 1 out of control child, 4 motorist assists, 1 welfare check, 6 ambulance assists, 1 illegal burning, 1 bomb threat, 2 suspicious persons, 3 careless drivers, 1 identity theft, 2 harassments, 3 parking complaints, 1 phone scam, 1 ATV on road, 3 alarm calls, 1 illegal parking (towed), 23 citations and 6 other agency assists.

Fire/EMS December Report shows there were 10 EMS calls, 3 fires and 1 other.

Bermel arrived at 7:20 p.m.

Public Works Report – Action authorizing repairs to the filters at the water plant, not to exceed $85,000 was approved by Schutt, seconded by Saak.  All Ayes.

Attorney Ralph Brown mentioned that the Plan and Zoning Commission met on Wednesday, February 7th and they recommended to the Council that certain real estate be rezoned from R-1-A Single Family Zoning District to create the Ironwood Estates Planned Unit Development and that the Comprehensive Plan be amended to conform to the rezoning of the aforedescribed parcel of real estate from R-1-A to PUD.  Action on Ordinance No. 368 – to amend the zoning code by adding section 167.15 – Ironwood Estates Planned Unit Development, first reading was approved by Bice, seconded by Backous.  All Ayes.  Bice made motion to waive the second and third readings, seconded by Bermel.  All Ayes.  Action on Resolution 2018-3 – amending the comprehensive plan to conform to the Ironwood Estates Planned Unit Development rezoning was approved by Backous, seconded by Bice.  All Ayes.

Parks & Recreation Report – Jennifer Harned and the library director Harriet Petersen are collaborating on expanding the programming for teens and will host a laser tag at the community center on Friday, February 16th.  Participants are limited to 50 for ages 6th grade and up.  Jennifer submitted for the Paint Iowa Grant through Keep Iowa Beautiful.  This grant is a collaboration with Diamond Vogel Paint of Orange City, Iowa to provide groups paint for community enhancement projects.  If selected, the project will include painting the entryway, event room and dining room at the community center, and for the locks on both concession stands.  They will notify recipients in March or April.  Jennifer has also submitted for the Dallas County Foundation Grant to provide additional programming equipment to have on hand for youth and adult programming.  They will notify recipients in March or April.  Jennifer will be submitting for the Bock Family Foundation Grant for replacing the water fountain at the community center.  This update would include a new water fountain system that would include a bottle billing station which would reduce plastic bottle waste and provide filter water through the water fountain.  They will notify recipients in April or May.  Jennifer will also be submitting for the Build with Bags Grant.  This grant will include 8 new trash receptacles surrounding Centennial Park.  They will announce recipients on Earth Day, April 22nd.  Jennifer and the Parks & Rec Board will be sending out a survey to the public to get feedback on what the community wants for recreational programs and development in the future.  This will give a better idea of what should be planned throughout Granger.  Hy-Vee Freezer Meal hosted another very successful class.  This will be offered every other month due to the popularity.  Adult volleyball is going well with 6 teams.  The final playoff game will be played on Sunday, February 18th.  1st and 2nd grade basketball ended January 20th.  Lil’ Hawks hoopsters basketball filled up with the maximum of 24 students.  Youth dance ended their last performance on Thursday, February 8th.  Their competition performance on January 21st received a superior trophy and a choreography award.  Their season will wrap up on February 13th with a performance at the Iowa Energy game.  Summer camp planning is underway.  Sharon Wiese will be heading up both preschool and K-5th grade this summer.  Jennifer will be meeting with the new aquatics director in Perry to discuss partnering with swimming lessons again this summer.

Anne Marie Finkelstein was present to talk about Madrid Home Communities which is housed to independent living individuals and is offered assisted living to those who need some assistance but they help to maintain your independent lifestyle.  Madrid Home Communities is located along Highway 17 in Madrid, Iowa.

Action to approve contributing $200 to Beaver Creek Watershed Management Authority to complete a watershed management plan proposed by the Iowa DNR was approved by Backous, seconded by Saak.  4 Ayes, 1 Naye.

Sidewalk Improvement Program 2018 – Engineer Veenstra should have more detailed plans for the March 14th City Council meeting.

Action on Resolution 2018-4 – adopting updated and revised zoning map for the City of Granger was approved by Bice, seconded by Schutt.  All Ayes.

Discussion on potential annexation east of the City – Engineer Veenstra provided a map showing the ownership of parcels in the unincorporated area east of the City of Granger between Highway 141 and NW 110th Avenue westerly of NW 121st Street.  The Mayor will pursue talking to the owners of those parcels to see if they would be interested in voluntary annexation to the City.

Action on Ordinance No. 365 – amending code provisions pertaining to fireworks, first reading was approved by Bice, seconded by Schutt.  All Ayes.  Backous made motion to waive the second and third readings, seconded by Schutt.  All Ayes.

Action on Ordinance No. 366 – amending code provisions relating to the removal of accumulations of snow and ice, first reading was approved by Schutt, seconded by Bice.  All Ayes.  Bice made motion to waive the second and third readings, seconded by Bermel.  All Ayes.

Action on Ordinance No. 367 – amending code provisions relating to parking during snow removal, first reading was approved by Saak, seconded by Schutt.  All Ayes.  Schutt made motion to waive the second and third readings, seconded by Bice.  All Ayes.

Dunwoody Annexation – Action to direct Mayor to make a report to the State Treasurer on the population in the annexed area was approved by Bice, seconded by Saak.  All Ayes.

Set public hearing on the 2018-2019 Granger City Budget for 7 p.m. on March 14, 2018 was approved by Bice, seconded by Backous.  All Ayes.

Bice reported for the Finance Committee that all information at this time was in order.  Backous made motion to approve the report, seconded by Bermel.  All Ayes.

Bice made motion to approve bills for payment, seconded by Bermel.  All Ayes.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.


Tony L. James, Mayor

Attest:  _________________________________

Kristy Trzeciak, City Clerk


 Access Systems  Antivirus License Renewal – Police Department  $         88.46
 Access Systems Leasing  Copier Lease + Usage  $       756.01
 Access Systems Leasing  Server Lease + IT Services  $       625.74
 Agsource Laboratories  Wastewater Tests + UPS Shipping Charges  $       217.00
 Agsource Laboratories  Wastewater Tests + UPS Shipping Charges  $       253.00
 Agsource Laboratories  Wastewater Tests + UPS Shipping Charges  $       217.00
 Agsource Laboratories  Wastewater Tests + UPS Shipping Charges  $       504.50
 Agsource Laboratories  Wastewater Tests + UPS Shipping Charges  $       123.50
 Background Investigation Bur  Background Checks  $         23.90
 Banleaco  Folder/Inserter Lease  $       154.22
 Barnes & Noble  Library Books  $           7.19
 Barnes & Noble  Library Books  $           5.59
 Barnes & Noble  Library Books  $         10.38
 Barnes & Noble  Library DVDS  $         82.92
 Barnes & Noble  Library Books  $       153.41
 Barnes & Noble  Library Books  $         42.56
 Barnes & Noble  Library Books  $         45.57
 Barnes & Noble  Library Books  $       126.56
 Barnes & Noble  Library Books  $         64.87
 Barnes & Noble  Library DVDS  $         50.99
 Barnes & Noble  Library DVDS  $         56.97
 Barnes & Noble  Library DVDS  $         46.98
 Barnes & Noble  Library DVDS  $         29.99
 Barnes & Noble  Library DVDS  $           8.99
 Barnes & Noble  Library Books  $         15.19
 Barnes & Noble  Library DVDS  $         76.26
 Barnes & Noble  Library Books  $         15.19
 Barnes & Noble  Library Books  $         55.96
 Barnes & Noble  Library Books  $       142.71
 Barnes & Noble  Library Books  $         21.59
 Barnes & Noble  Library Books  $         11.99
 Barnes & Noble  Library DVDS  $         23.99
 Bound Tree Medical  IV Solution/Dextrose  $         48.36
 Brown, Fagen & Rouse  Legal Services for Feb 2018  $    2,475.00
 Burns, Brandon  EMT Class Fees Reim  $         30.00
 Carpenter Uniform Co.  Patches put on Coat  $         13.00
 Carpenter Uniform Co.  Handcuff Case  $         38.99
 Casey’s General Stores  Fuel  $    1,139.01
 Central Iowa Distributing  Kitchen Towels  $       105.30
 Core & Main  Piping Parts for Airline at Water Plant  $       299.00
 Culligan Water of Adel  Bottled Water + Cooler Rental  $         17.30
 Dallas County EMS  Tiering Services  $       150.00
 Daniels Filter Service  Funace Filters  $       109.64
 Demco  Bookmarks/Design Your Own Medals/Book Bag  $         89.83
 Demco  Stickers/Bookmarks/Posters/Window Clings/Banners  $         61.23
 Empowerment Solutions  Add New Mayor & Council to Website/Council Agenda  $         96.00
 Feick, Brad  Cell Phone Reimbursement  $         35.00
 Fire Recovery EMS  December Tiering Fees  $       598.20
 Fire Recovery EMS  Medicare Revalidation Fee  $       560.00
 Fire Recovery EMS  January Tiering Fees  $       265.86
 Follett School Solutions, Inc.  Single Site Hosted Service & Support Renewal  $       885.00
 G & L Clothing  Jeans – Feick  $         81.98
 GateHouse Media  Publications  $       410.31
 GateHouse Media  Publications  $    1,040.51
 Good Housekeeping  Library Magazine Subscription  $         10.60
 Grainger  Contact Adhesive  $           9.85
 Grainger  Pipe/Fitting Insulation  $         59.82
 Harned, Jennifer  Cell Phone Reimbursement  $         35.00
 Hawkins, Inc.  Chlorine/Sodium Permanganate  $    1,121.78
 Henderson Products Inc.  Lock Nuts/Curb Guards/Bolts  $       360.27
 IMFOA  Membership Fees FY19  $       100.00
 IPRA  Membership Fees FY18  $       165.00
 Iowa Codification  Fireworks Legislative Ordinance  $       300.00
 Iowa One Call  811 Faxes  $         47.00
 Iowa One Call  812 Faxes  $           7.20
 ISU Extension  Instructor Pay  $       200.00
 Jones Creek Apparel  Youth Dance T-shirts  $         36.00
 Jones Creek Apparel  Kindergarten Basketball T-shirts  $         61.00
 Jones Creek Apparel  Kindergarten Basketball T-shirts  $         50.00
 Keltek, Inc.  Auto Charger 12v for 276  $       441.10
 Kempker’s True Value  Hole Cover Plate  $           8.49
 Kempker’s True Value  Vulkem Caulk  $         11.98
 Logan Contractors Supply  Pothole Patch/Tape Measure  $       254.99
 Metering & Technology Sol  1″ Water Meter/Couplings  $       381.60
 Mrazek, Megan  GCC Rental Refund  $         50.00
 Mullins, Aaron  Cell Phone Reimbursement  $         35.00
 NERPA  Playground Inspector Course – Harned  $       525.00
 Office Depot  Folding Table/Staples/Paper/Toner/Packaging Tape  $       267.02
 Office Depot  Printer Ink  $         90.99
 Office Depot  Cordless Phone  $         52.34
 Office Depot  Plates/Ink Cartridges  $         26.49
 Office Depot  Plates/Ink Cartridges  $         25.95
 Office Depot  Toner  $         79.99
 Office Depot  Paper/Ink Cartridges/Binder Clips/Pens  $       151.52
 OmniSite  Lift Station Dialer Annual Service/Monitoring  $       276.00
 Plumb Supply Co.  PVC Fittings  $         61.32
 Plumb Supply Co.  PVC Fittings  $       144.37
 Plumb Supply Co.  Ball Valve/Hex Bushing/Spirotop – Fix Furnace in Shop  $       174.14
 Praxair  Oxygen  $       188.75
 Purchase Power  Postage  $       400.00
 Racom  EDACS Access  $       470.00
 Rounded Minds  Instructor Pay  $       400.00
 Sam’s Club  Cleaning Supplies/Annual Membership Fee  $       232.68
 Sandry Fire Supply  Hydro Testing of Bottles/O-Ring Bottle  $       445.20
 Sandry Fire Supply  Freight  $         14.33
 Signature Sign & Graphics  Occupancy/Drop Box Signs  $         89.04
 State Hygienic Laboratory  Water Tests  $         26.00
 Strauss Security Solutions  Duplicate Keys  $         10.50
 Strauss Security Solutions  Keycard System – Community Center  $    1,737.99
 Strauss Security Solutions  Additional Key Cards  $         15.00
 Strauss Security Solutions  Locks Re-Keyed  $       196.22
 Strauss Security Solutions  Brivo Hosting Fee  $         19.00
 Sturtz, Jarrod  Cell Phone Reimbursement  $         35.00
 Tiernan’s Service Center  Oil Change/License Plate Bulb – 2013 Police SUV  $         40.50
 Tiernan’s Service Center  Rep Hydr Hose/Rear Ex Temp Sensor – Peterbilt Truck  $       173.50
 Tiernan’s Service Center  31 p-mhd Battery – Toolcat  $       154.95
 Tiernan’s Service Center  31-mhd Batteries – 2007 Fire Truck 8500  $       309.90
 Trzeciak, Kristy  Cell Phone Reimbursement  $         35.00
 UPS  UPS Shipping Charges  $         49.80
 Valley West Hy-Vee  Instructor Pay  $       378.00
 Van Wall Equipment  Vicon Spreader  $    2,878.50
 Veenstra & Kimm, Inc.  Eng Services for Landing at Oxley Creek Plat 1 & 2  $       729.00
 Veenstra & Kimm, Inc.  Eng Services for Sidewalk Improvements Program 2017  $       196.15
 Veenstra & Kimm, Inc.  Eng Services Sidewalk Program-Design Services 2018  $       150.00
 Veenstra & Kimm, Inc.  Eng Services for Update City Mapping  $    1,264.17
 Veenstra & Kimm, Inc.  Building Permit Fees for December 2017  $    1,234.80
 Verizon Wireless  Cell Phone Charges  $         87.50
 Walter’s Sanitary Service, Inc.  Residential Garbage Reimbursement 1/1/18-1/31/18  $    7,095.60
 Walter’s Sanitary Service, Inc.  Container Rental Fee  $         81.00
 Walter’s Sanitary Service, Inc.  Container Rental Fee  $       272.64
 Zap Laser Tag  Laser Tag Program  $       277.50
 TOTAL  $  37,918.73
General Fund  $  33,157.84
Road Use Tax Fund  $       173.50
Water Fund  $    2,144.70
Sewer Fund  $    2,442.69
TOTAL  $  37,918.73
General Fund  $  30,434.96
Road Use Tax Fund  $  10,377.85
Employee Benefits Fund  $    1,285.67
Emergency Fund  $       180.67
TIF Fund  $       380.03
Debt Service Fund  $    3,769.50
Water Fund  $  19,461.80
Sewer Fund  $  38,584.66
TOTAL  $104,475.14