City Council Meeting Minutes 12/12/2018

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Mayor Tony James opened the City Council meeting at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall, 1906 Main Street, Granger, Iowa 50109.

Roll Call:  Present:  Backous, Bermel, Bice, Saak, Schutt

Schutt made motion to approve the consent agenda, seconded by Backous.  All Ayes.

Fred Renfeldt with Fred’s Pub & Grill has over 35 years of restaurant experience and would like to open up the vacant Hitchin’ Post Grill sometime early next year.  He doesn’t feel he will be in competition with Bud’s Pub and expressed that he would like to work with them.  Fred also expressed his interest in getting involved with the Granger community in regards to the youth programs.  The restaurant will start out with some sandwiches and expand from there such as Sunday brunches.  He also mentioned bringing in some karaoke and live music to give the community another place to go without traveling outside of Granger.

Jennifer Benbow has a request for reimbursement of expense for sewer line cleanout in the amount of $150.22 was approved by Bice, seconded by Saak.  All Ayes.

Shon Bruellman with Big Red Food Truck has requested to continue (after December 31, 2018) the waiver of time restriction on transient merchant license (Code Section 122.10 limits license to between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.) to allow service until 9 p.m. was approved by Schutt, seconded by Bice.  4 Ayes, 1 Naye.

The 2018 Sidewalk Improvement Program – Engineer Veenstra mentioned the project has shut down until Spring.  Greg Roth will be meeting with property owners to go over the issues and concerns brought up to the Council in the last couple of meetings.

2015 Urban Water Quality Initiative – Engineer Veenstra has mentioned the contractor has not come back to do anything on the project so at this point based on the prior experience we have the bonding company will not do anything unless we terminate the contract.  Action for Ralph to give notice of termination of contract to Iowa State Contractors was approved by Backous, seconded by Bice.  All Ayes.

Engineer Veenstra reminded the department heads to get there “wish list” for the Capital Improvements Plan into the City Clerk by December 31st.  The City Clerk will then compile it all and forward it on to Bob to start the process of putting the plan together.

The Reserve at Jester Park Plat 2 – Engineer Veenstra mentioned the final plat of the Reserve at Jester Park Plat 2 was referred to the City by the Polk County Planning.  The City’s review is under its extraterritorial review jurisdiction.  The review by the City is to determine if that plat should comply with the requirements of the City of Granger’s subdivision ordinance.  The City of Granger reviewed the preliminary plat of the Reserve at Jester Park Plat 2 in February 2016.  At that time the City waived the requirements of its subdivision ordinance relative to the preliminary plat.  The review of the City is to determine if it will require the provisions of the subdivision ordinance to be met.  That review is applicable at the preliminary plat stage.  Because the City waived the requirements of its subdivision ordinance during the preliminary plat review there are no issues for the City to review with respect to the final plat of the Reserve at Jester Park 2.  The Engineer would recommend the City of Granger approve the final plat of the Reserve at Jester Park Plat 2.  Action on Resolution 2018-51 – approving the final plat was approved by Bice, seconded by Saak.  All Ayes.

The Council would like a copy of the outstanding punch lists on all projects within the City of Granger going forward and specifically for the 2018 Sidewalk Improvements Project.  Engineer Veenstra will get the list to the City Clerk and she will distribute to the Mayor and Council for review.

Public Works Report – Public Works Director mentioned they are wrapping up projects and getting ready for snow.

Police Report – From 11/12/18 – 12/9/18 reported 1 citizen arrest, 3 burglaries, 2 theft, 2 vehicle assists (vehicle unlock), 3 motorist assists, 3 suspicious vehicles, 1 DUI arrest, 1 harassment, 1 traffic control, 1 arrest warrant pick up, 1 911 hang-up call, 3 accidents, 2 parking complaints, 1 counterfeit currency, 1 property nuisance, 1 neighbor dispute, 1 road rage, 3 animal complaints, 3 citations, 7 warnings and 5 other agency assists.  Total calls for the Granger Police Department for 2018 were 547.

Fire/EMS November Report shows there were 2 motor vehicle accidents, 15 EMS calls, 1 water rescue, 5 fire calls and 2 mutual aids.  Mayor James presented Fire Chief Jarrod Sturtz with a plaque for his 16 years of service to the Granger Fire and EMS Department and to his dedication and commitment to making Granger a better place.  Sturtz will be retiring as Fire Chief on December 31, 2018.  Action to approve election of Rob Saak as Fire Chief effective January 1, 2019 was approved by Backous, seconded by Bice.  4 Ayes, 1 Abstain.  Action to approve Action to approve new officer pay effective October 1, 2018 was approved by Schutt, seconded by Bermel.  4 Ayes, 1 Abstain.

Parks and Recreation Report – Youth basketball games began last week.  Youth dance ended with a performance a few weeks ago.  Rounded Minds dance concludes this week with 4-6 year-olds.  Many additional programs will begin in January.  Another full freezer meal class was held last week.  Adults continue to enjoy the class put together by Hy-Vee.  We did another wood painting sign class last week as well with 20 participants.  There were three bids for replacement of the Community Center flooring as well as one bid for acoustic panels.  The walls at the Community Center will be painted sometime this Winter.  The Granger nursing home would like to sponsor the t-shirts for kindergarten basketball.  The Parks & Recreation Board will be discussing priorities for the next budget year.  Action to approve Facility Usage/Indemnity Agreement with Assumption Catholic Church for ball diamond and playground use for Parks & Recreation activities and to be signed by the Mayor was approved by Schutt, seconded by Saak.  All Ayes.  Action to approve the Flooring America quote for flooring in the amount of $7,958 and Mike Foister quote for labor in the amount of $7,106 for the Community Center Phase 1 project that was recommended from the Board was approved by Schutt, seconded by Saak.  All Ayes.

Action on Resolution 2018-50 – acknowledging the 50th anniversary of Iowa Municipal Home Rule was approved by Schutt, seconded by Bice.  All Ayes.

Action to authorize submittal of Trees Please Grant (City matching grant for $1,000) was approved by Bice, seconded by Bermel.  All Ayes.

Action to approve $1 hourly raise for Karen Erikson effective for pay period beginning December 31, 2018 (for completing the Iowa Municipal Professionals Institute Academy) was approved by Schutt, seconded by Backous.  All Ayes.  Action to approve $1 hourly raise for Brandon Burns effective for pay period beginning November 26, 2018 (for passing Water Distribution Grade 1) was approved by Backous, seconded by Schutt.  All Ayes.

Action to approve Mayor’s reappointment of Carla Drennen to the Parks and Recreation Board for term ending December 31, 2023 was approved by Bermel, seconded by Saak.  All Ayes.

Bice reported for the Finance Committee that all information at this time was in order.  Schutt made motion to approve the report, seconded by Backous.  All Ayes.

Bice made motion to approve all bills for payment, seconded by Bermel.  All Ayes.

The meeting for Budget presentations by department heads was set for Wednesday, January 16, 2019 starting at 6 p.m.  The meeting for Budget workshop was set for Wednesday, February 6, 2019 starting at 6 p.m.

Mayor James reminded department heads to submit their list for the capital improvements plan to the City Clerk by December 31st.  The Mayor mentioned the current wording of the comp time in the Personnel Policy allows comp time over 40 hours to be used within a year of it being earned.  Due to some unforeseen projects in the City, the comp time has increased quite a bit for some employees but that they are working hard to get it used.  The Mayor would like to request to the Council to allow current comp time to carryover past January 1 to be used by December 31, 2019.  The Mayor will look into rewording the comp time section of the Personnel Policy.  Mayor James mentioned there were only five people present at the Community Public Forum on December 11th so he has decided to not have them anymore, however, if there are new projects or anything else of importance that the residents need to be aware of, to write something up for the monthly newsletters and post on our City Facebook page and website.

The City Clerk has received the design concept from Genus on the Trail Hub Plaza project.  The concept will be presented to the Trails Committee at the January 2nd meeting and then the recommendation will be brought to the Council at the January City Council meeting for discussion and possible action of approval.  The City Clerk mentioned the State Auditors will be here for our annual examination on December 18th and 19th and then to again on January 7th – 9th.


Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.


Tony L. James, Mayor

Attest:  _________________________________

Kristy Trzeciak, City Clerk


 Access Systems Leasing  Copier Lease + Usage  $      361.45
 Access Systems Leasing  Server Lease + IT Services  $      625.74
 Accujet, LLC  Vaced 8 Loads from Lift Station that Failed  $      852.00
 Accujet, LLC  Invesigate Line for Aaron Mullins  $      568.00
 Agsource Laboratories  Wastewater tests + UPS shipping charges  $      440.50
 Agsource Laboratories  Wastewater tests + UPS shipping charges  $      294.50
 Agsource Laboratories  Wastewater tests + UPS shipping charges  $      270.00
 Agsource Laboratories  Wastewater tests + UPS shipping charges  $      135.00
 Background Investigation Bureau  Background Check on Youth Basketball Coach  $        11.95
 Banleaco  Folder/Inserter Lease  $      154.22
 Barnes & Noble  EGC Certs  $          9.00
 Barnes & Noble  Books  $        85.44
 Barnes & Noble  Books  $        65.55
 Barnes & Noble  Book  $        10.39
 Barnes & Noble  DVDs  $        58.98
 Barnes & Noble  DVDs  $        42.17
 Barnes & Noble  Book  $        13.59
 Barnes & Noble  Books  $      195.51
 Barnes & Noble  Books  $      271.94
 Barnes & Noble  DVDs  $        25.98
 Barnes & Noble  Books  $      160.37
 Barnes & Noble  Books  $      147.27
 Barnes & Noble  DVD/Books  $        34.59
 Barnes & Noble  Christmas Ornaments/Candles/Stickers/Slime Shakers/Beanie Babies/Putty  $      204.24
 Barnes & Noble  Putty  $          5.99
 Barnes & Noble  Beanie Babies/Slime  $      180.44
 Beisser Lumber Company  1×8-12 #2 Pine Carsiding  $      218.88
 Beisser Lumber Company  1×8-12 #2 Pine Carsiding  $      109.44
 Bert Gurney & Associates, Inc.  FDO Optical Dissolved Oxygen IQ Sensornet Probe  $   2,982.99
 Bomgaars  Brass Nipple  $          3.69
 Bomgaars  Antifreeze RV Splash/Ball Trailer/Plug Fuse  $        43.93
 Bomgaars  Fasteners  $          4.98
 Brown, Fagen & Rouse  Legal Services for December 2018  $   2,475.00
 Burns, Brandon  Cell Phone Reimbursement  $        35.00
 Capital City Equipment Co.  Trackloader Rental  $      155.00
 Capital City Equipment Co.  Front Gauge Wheels/Antiscalp Roller/Deck Parts  $      907.11
 Capital City Equipment Co.  Credit Return – Grip/Bushing/Cotter  $     (38.52)
 Casey’s General Stores  Fuel  $   1,379.12
 Central Iowa Distributing, Inc.  Trash Bags  $      196.80
 Central Iowa Distributing, Inc.  Hand Soap  $        97.00
 Culligan Water of Adel  Bottled Water + Cooler Rental  $        23.55
 Dallas County EMS  Ambulance Tiering Services  $      150.00
 Dallas County EMS  Ambulance Tiering Services  $      150.00
 Dallas County EMS  Ambulance Tiering Services  $      150.00
 Dallas County EMS  Ambulance Tiering Services  $      150.00
 Dallas County EMS  Ambulance Tiering Services  $      150.00
 Dallas County EMS  Ambulance Tiering Services  $      150.00
 Demco  Avery 8160 Standard Inkjet Labels  $        27.14
 Demco  Color Craze Winter Bookmarks/Snowman Reading Wonderland Bookmarks  $        27.93
 Electric Pump  Pump Brackets/Gasket/Hardware Kit  $      860.65
 Elenco Electronics, Inc.  Cond Snaps/3D Glasses/Rubber Bands/Cardboard Fig/Crawler Parts/LED  $        19.05
 Evans Sign & Display  LED Bulbs for Christmas Decorations  $      725.00
 Feick, Brad  Cell Phone Reimbursement  $        35.00
 Fire Recovery EMS  November Billing  $      335.17
 Fluidyne Corporation  Replace Sigma Sub Level Transducer/Replace Flygt Mini-Cas/Shipping  $   2,211.26
 G & L Clothing  Clothing – Sturtz  $        65.94
 Gatehouse-Ames Tribune  Publications  $      567.99
 General Fire and Safety  Kitchen Hood Inspection @ Community Center  $      159.00
 Geneser Repair  Repair Snow Plow/Rebuild Cylinders/Replace Hoses  $      458.50
 Good Housekeeping  Libray Magazine Subscription  $        12.81
 Hach Company  Chlorine/Asc Acid/Alkaline Cyanide Reagent/Pan Ind Sol/Mono/FA  $      437.84
 Harned, Jennifer  Cell Phone Reimbursement  $        35.00
 Iowa One Call  811 Faxes  $        23.50
 Irey, Crystal  Wood Sign Painting Adult Class Instructor Payment  $      646.00
 Jetco, Inc.  Input/Output Cards/Sensaphone 800/Service Labor/Mile – Storm Damage  $   7,318.70
 Jetco, Inc.  Overload Relay/Service Labor/Mileage – Storm Damage  $      583.40
 Jones Creek Apparel  Youth Basketball Jerseys  $      534.00
 Keystone Laboratories, Inc.  Water Tests  $        28.00
 Logan Contractors Supply, Inc.  Air Filer/Fuel Filter  $        49.09
 Logan Contractors Supply, Inc.  Pothole Patch  $      151.20
 Mullins, Aaron  Cell Phone Reimbursement  $        35.00
 Office Depot  Fax Machine  $        56.99
 Office Depot  Copy Paper/Cups/Lids/Kcups/Chai Tea/Ink/Toner  $      319.38
 Office Depot  Hanging Folder Tabs  $        28.68
 Office Depot  Wireless Keyboard  $        27.59
 Office Depot  Keyboard  $        38.43
 Pitney Bowes, Inc.  Reserve Account  $   1,200.00
 Praxair  Oxygen  $      198.67
 Purchase Power  Postage  $      412.79
 Qtech Automation, Inc.  Auma Actuator Repair/Positioner Board RWG Feedback/Auma Transmitter  $   2,346.00
 Racom  EDACS Access  $      479.40
 Ramsey, Katie  Art Class Instructor Payment  $        65.00
 Rounded Minds  Instructor Payment  $      200.00
 Saak, Rob  Reimbursement for Purchase of 2 Boat Seats for the Fire Airboat  $      107.00
 Sam’s Club  Yearly Membership Dues  $        45.00
 Speck USA  Sidewalk Tear Up and Replaced around Concession Bldg at Centennial Park  $ 13,733.00
 State Hygienic Laboratory  Water Tests  $        26.00
 Stetson Construction Supply Group  Concrete Insulation Blanket  $      113.40
 Strauss  Quarterly Brivo Hosting Fee  $        57.00
 Sturtz, Jarrod  Cell Phone Reimbursement  $        35.00
 Tiernan’s Service Center  Mount 4 New Tires on Skid Loader/Stems  $      130.00
 Tiernan’s Service Center  Replace Motor Mount on Durango  $      449.58
 Tiernan’s Service Center  Tire Repair on 2013 Ford SUV Police Car  $        25.00
 Tiernan’s Service Center  Replace Headlight Bulb on 2013 Ford SUV Police Car  $        30.25
 Tiernan’s Service Center  Credit from Invoice #8409 (Gallon of Def Fluid was charged wrong on Inv)  $       (6.00)
 Truck Equipment, Inc.  Fluid Film 5 Gal Pail  $      185.07
 Trzeciak, Kristy  Cell Phone Reimbursement  $        35.00
 Trzeciak, Kristy  Budget Workshop Mileage Reimbursement  $        13.40
 UPS  UPS Shipping Charges  $        37.35
 Valley West Hyvee  Instructor Payment  $      240.00
 Veenstra & Kimm, Inc.  Engineering Services for Ironwood Estates Plat 3  $   8,109.18
 Veenstra & Kimm, Inc.  Engineering Services for Sidewalk Improvements Program 2018  $      810.88
 Veenstra & Kimm, Inc.  Engineering Services for Eval of Oxley Creek Flooding Events of June 2018  $        79.00
 Veenstra & Kimm, Inc.  Building Permit Fees for October 2018  $   2,637.60
 Verizon Wireless  Cell Phone Charges  $        93.09
 Walter’s Sanitary Service, Inc.  Residential garbage reimbursement 11/1-11/30/18  $   7,329.20
 Walter’s Sanitary Service, Inc.  Container Rental/Pickup  $      135.00
 Walter’s Sanitary Service, Inc.  Container Rental/Pickup  $      351.04
 Williams Scotsman  Police Mobile Trailer Rental Fee  $      338.00
 TOTAL  $ 70,577.92
 General Fund  $ 48,694.01
 Water Fund  $   1,579.09
 Sewer Fund  $ 20,304.82
 TOTAL  $ 70,577.92
 General Fund  $ 90,481.32
 Road Use Tax Fund  $ 13,969.68
 Employee Benefits Fund  $   3,010.42
 Emergency Fund  $      575.44
 Local Option Sales Tax Fund  $ 13,666.61
 TIF Fund  $      359.31
 Debt Service Fund  $ 10,850.67
 Water Fund  $ 20,333.26
 Sewer Fund  $ 39,318.65
 Sewer Capital Project Fund  $   3,000.00
 TOTAL  $195,565.36