City Council Meeting Agenda 8/8/2018

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Granger City Council Agenda

August 8, 2018 – 7 p.m.

City Hall, 1906 Main Street


 PUBLIC HEARING – on the proposal to enter into a Development Agreement with Granger Land Company, LLC and Pags & Sons, LLC.


  1. Roll Call
  2. Consent Agenda—Approval of Agenda; Approve July 11, 2018, Minutes; Library Report; Treasurer Report; Clerk Report
  3. Public Forum
  4. Ed Harney – water damage claim
  5. Development Agreement between the City and Granger Land Company LLC and Pags & Sons LLC
    1. City Attorney’s Report
    2. Action on Resolution 2018-32 – approving and authorizing execution of a Development Agreement by and among the City of Granger, Granger Land Company, LLC, and Pags & Sons, LLC
  6. Landing at Oxley Creek Plat 1
    1. Engineer’s Report
    2. City Attorney’s Report on filing of Maintenance Bonds, filing of Sidewalk Agreement, payment of water and sewer fees, and submittal of requiring platting documents
    3. Action on Resolution 2018-33 – accepting improvements
    4. Action on Resolution 2018-34 – approving Final Plat of Landing at Oxley Creek Plat 1
  7. Elaine and Jeffrey Swearngin – Plat of Survey of Lots 7 and 8, Block 2, Dale Meek’s First Addition
    1. Engineer’s Report
    2. Discussion and possible action on Resolution 2018-35 – approving encroachment easement agreement between the City and owners permitting an existing house to encroach into the City alley
    3. Action on Resolution 2018-36 – approving Plat of Survey of Parcel 18-99 and 18-100 of Lots 7 and 8 in Block 2 of Dale Meek’s First Addition to the Town of Granger
  8. Petition for Voluntary Annexation by Beneventi Chevrolet, Inc. and Carol Beneventi Family Trust, and Petition for Voluntary Severing of Territory by Beneventi Chevrolet, Inc.
    1. Action to set public hearing on Petition for Voluntary Annexation for 7 p.m. on September 12, 2018
    2. Both Petitions will be considered by Council on September 12th
  9. 2015 Urban Water Quality Initiative
    1. Engineer’s Report
    2. Discussion and possible action on liquidated damages
  10. The 2018 Sidewalk Improvement Program
    1. Engineer’s Report
    2. Action on Resolution 2018-37 – approving amendment to Agreement for Engineering Services to establish compensation for engineering services
  11. The Sidewalk Improvement Program – 2017 – Engineer’s Report
  12. Oxley Creek Improvements – lawsuit filed by subcontractor against contractor and City
    1. City Attorney’s Report on status of the matter
    2. Action to authorize City Clerk to issue check to contractor’s surety Granite Re, Inc. in the amount of $21,798.50
  13. City Engineer – Reports on any other projects and matters
  14. Action on Ordinance No. 372 – amending provisions pertaining to traffic regulations, first reading
  15. Action on Ordinance No. 373 – amending provisions pertaining to alcoholic beverage control, first reading
  16. Action on Ordinance No. 374 – amending provisions pertaining to cigarette and tobacco permits, first reading
  17. Action on Ordinance No. 375 – amending Code of Ordinances by adding a new chapter titled “Right-of-Way” and providing for a permit fee, first reading
  18. Public Works Report
  19. Police Report
  20. Fire Department Report
    1. Action to approve amended Constitution and By-Laws of Fire and EMS Departments
  21. EMS Department Report
    1. Review schedule of proposed fees for special event services, and action directing preparation of a Resolution
  22. Appointments to Parks and Recreation Board
    1. Council approval of Mayor’s appointment of Erik Smith to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Lexi Diersen, for the term ending December 31, 2019
    2. Council approval of Mayor’s appointment of Ryan Castro to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Angie Sebastian, for the term ending December 31, 2020
  23. Parks and Recreation Report
  24. Granger Days Report
  25. Report – Finance Committee – Bice and Schutt
  26. Approval of Bills for Payment
  27. Mayor’s Report
  28. Correspondence
  29. Adjournment

Kristy Trzeciak, City Clerk