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December 10, 2018 Agenda

December 10, 2018 agenda


Monday, December 10, 2018

7:00 p.m.

Granger Community Center


Jeri Wendzel                        Carla Drennen                     Ryan Castro                         Erik Smith                                                                                    Jennifer Kopp

  1. General Agenda Items:


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of the Agenda
  4. Approval of minutes from November 7, 2018 board meeting
  5. Public Form


  1. Board Discussion Items:


  1. Director’s Report
    1. Basketball – 3rd Grade and Up
    2. Flooring Bids for Community Center
  • Painting Colors for Community Center
  1. Nursing Home Sponsorship for Shirts
  2. Budget Discussion for 2019-2020
  1. CCRA & Parks Report
  2. Grants update
  3. City Council Update Subjects:


III.  Board Action:


  1. Old Business:


  1. New Business:
  2. 1. Next Meeting – Wednesday, January 2, 2018 @ 7:00 PM


  1. Adjournment:

September 5, 2018 Minutes

September 5, 2018 Minutes


Granger Parks and Rec Board Meeting, Wednesday September 5, 2018

  1. General Agenda Items:

Call to Order: Carla Drennen called to order at 7:05pm

Roll Call: Present – Carla Drennen, Jeri Wendzel, Jennifer Kopp, Ryan Castro, Erik Smith

Members of Public – Jennifer Harned (Parks and Rec Director), Brad Feick

Approval of the Agenda  Jeri Motions, Jenn 2nds

Approval of August 1, 2018 Minutes: Jenn motions, Jeri 2nds

Public Forum- None


  1. Board Discussion Items
  2. New Board Introductions: We are welcoming two new members to our team this month, Erik Smith and Ryan Castro. Erik has been a resident of Granger for 6 years and is heavily involved in coaching. Ryan has been living here for 10 years and is a dedicated soccer coach.
  3. Director Report:
  4. Beggar’s Night: We will continue to have Beggar’s Night on October 30th in order to keep it consistent with previous years and clear up some questions. This should help us clear up confusion on timing in upcoming years.
  5. Business Experience: David Combs, a High School Business Teacher, is offering a new class called Business Experience. This class will provide connections between students and local businesses in order for students to gain experience and knowledge in the business world. Jennifer has recommended a few projects for some of the students to do. We also discussed that this may be a good opportunity for getting help with organizing soccer.

III. Assumption Church Donation: Assumption Church has asked for us to donate to their fundraiser. In order to benefit the Community Center in the best way possible, Jennifer recommends that we donate a future rental that they could use for the fundraiser.

  • Jeri motions to approve donations
  • Erik seconds.
  1. Fall Workshop: Jennifer will attend the Fall workshop in Fort Dodge on Monday and Tuesday, Sep. 10-11th. She will gain useful knowledge from the directors of surrounding communities.
  2. Playground Inspection Interview: The three primary areas that were checked to be sure we are ADA compliant were: accessible pathways to play areas, safety surfaces installed, and playground equipment configuration. One of the largest concerns is the sand and lack of pathways. We also have a high amount of elevated playgrounds and only one ground level. Since, we have 5 elevated playgrounds, it is required that we have two ground level playgrounds as well. Jennifer is talking with the inspector to see which further actions need to take place.
  3. Playground Maintenance Course: Both Jennifer and Brad will be attending a local education course to further their knowledge of playground maintenance. This will help them to know what we are looking for in terms of being ADA compliant. It is September 19-20th in Pleasant Hill.
  • Jeri motions to send them
  • Carla seconds.

VII. Shirt Sponsorship: In order to increase revenue, we believe having local business sponsor shirts will be a useful step. Granger Nursing Home would like to purchase the basketball shirts for this years league. Their only requirement is that we have their logo on the back of the t-shirts.

  • Jeri motions to approve shirt sponsorship
  • Erik seconds

VIII. Winter/Spring Planning: Our new program guide should be going to the printer on September 14th. We are going to distribute the program guide to students at both Elementary Schools.

  1. Advertising for Program Guide: For the program guide, Janning Chiropractic paid $250 for a full page add. We are going to open this up to other businesses with the prices of $150 for a half page and $250 for a full page. If we have a high volume of interest, we will explore further pricing options.
  • Jeri motions to approve advertising
  • Jenn seconds
  • All vote ayes
  1. Adult Programming: As we had some issues with players lack of integrity this past volleyball season, we are going to look into having someone at each adult program to ref our games. Hopefully this preventive action will prevent future problems.
  2. CCRA/Parks: Currently, out of our 2018/2019 fiscal budget, Parks is 16% spent, and the Community Center is 6% spent.
  3. Grants Update:
    1. Trails: The grant that the Trails Committee applied for on the recommendation of Jennifer was approved.
      1. With it we are getting a Hub which will be a central area that will branch out
      2. Once we are done creating the hub, we will have a Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser
        1. This fundraiser money will be used for signs, bike racks, etc.


III. Board Action:

  1. Voting for Chair
    1. Jeri
      1. Erik motioned; Jenn seconded.
      2. Voted; all ayes from board
      3. Ryan abstained from the vote
  2. Voting for Secretary
    1. Jenn
      1. Erik motioned; Jeri seconded
      2. Voted; all ayes from board.


  1. Old Business: None


V.New Business: Next meeting will be Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018 at 7PM


VI Adjournment: All Ayes to Adjourn

Jeri motions, Jenn seconds, meeting adjourned at 8:51pm


Submitted by Jennifer Kopp, New Secretary



August 1, 2018 Minutes

August 1 Parks and Rec Board Meeting

Granger Parks and Rec Board Meeting, Wednesday August 1, 2018

  1. General Agenda Items:

Call to Order: Lexi D. Called to order at 7:03pm

Roll Call: Present – Lexi Diersen, Carla Drennen, Jeri Wendzel

Members of Public – Jennifer Harned (Parks and Rec Director), Brad Feick

Approval of the Agenda  Carla Motions, Lexi 2nds

Approval of April 23, 2018 Minutes: Lexi Motions, Jeri 2nds

Public Forum- None


  1. Board Discussion Items
  2. Lexi Diersen resignation: will finish the month; will let board members know by Friday if she can help with set up on the 18th Movie in the Park and has agreed that she can help with Granger Days movie in the Park
  3. Interested Board Member introductions: 6 interested citizens, 1 showed up, 2 submitted letters of interest via emails

Eric Smith: 6 years in Granger, currently on Partners of the Park, will check to see if conflict of interest between Parks             and Recreation and Partners of the Park. Ran for City Council during the November elections of 2017

Ryan Castro: 10 year resident of Granger, growing family that uses the parks, facilities and goes to events. Spent 2 years             as a participating board member on an in-house initiative for a previous employer. Spent two years as a board member        and two years running operations for a registered non-profit sports league/organization in central Iowa

Dori Robinson: Been part of Woodward-Granger community since 2013, just recently moved to Granger from                                        Woodward. Excited to learn mor about the community and do part to contribute. Currently works as a director of                                    Ancillary services at The Iowa Clinic and a member of several boards

Upon further discussion it was voted that Ryan Castro would board members recommendation to fill Angie Sebastian’s term   on the Parks and Recreation Board and Eric Smith is recommended to fill Lexi Diersen’s Term (ends in 2019).


  1. Director Report:
  2. Board Roles: Will put up the roles of Chairperson and Secretary during the September meeting. Both Carla Drennen and Jeri Wendzel expressed interest in the position of Chairperson. If Chairperson’s position is filled by current Vice Chairperson, Vice       chairperson’s position will go to vote in October.
  3. Soccer for 2019: Upon recommendation from Jennifer Harned, it’s been decided to scrap soccer for 3rd grade and up due to low numbers. It was also recommended that with the lower numbers for the upper age group, Jennifer H thinks it would be in the           best interest for an outside group to be formed to play against surrounding teams.

III. Swim Lessons for 2019: Feed back from Swim lessons are being evaluated as to whether we should explore a different       location/partnership for Summer 2019 with some concerns voiced.

  1. Sand Volleyball Feedback: We had some complaints about one team not calling themselves on anything. WE will need to look into having a staff member there during adult programs to keep score and monitor programs
  2. Bam Bam: Bam Bam ended this year without any weather cancellations. We did shorten the time two days due to heat, but heat index did not go to 105 to cancel. It was then brought up that one coach did cancel but it had not been mentioned to Jennifer                Harned. Great feedback from parents for the program with one feedback stating: “I think the bam bam program was great. My           daughter loved it and had a blast. The coaches were wonderful – I felt like they were great with the kids and did a great job   teaching them and keeping it fun. The length of the program was great – not too long, just long enough to keep the kids interest.            We look forward to next year!”
  3. Donations: John Kline donated $500.00 to the Parks and Recreation Department. Mike Grief also donated $250.00; thank             you notes will be given to both gentlemen for their kind donations to the department.

VII. Coaches Background Checks: Jennifer has presented the guidelines from National Alliance for Youth Sports for what              disqualifies a potential volunteer. After a short discussion, it was voted to put this on the city website:

What DISQUALIFIES a potential volunteer?

                       Before we look at the information obtained from the Criminal History Background check, the following automatic                                        disqualifiers are important to note:

*An applicant provides inaccurate information in their application

*References provide unpleasant or disturbing information about the potential volunteer

*Information gathered in the interview raises questions about the potential volunteer’s motives

*The volunteer refuses to complete the screening process

Then, we must analyze the information gathered from the Criminal History Background Check. If an applicant is found                                            to have been convicted of any of the following offenses, he or she will not be allowed to work with children.

* Sex Offenses and Misconduct

* Violent Felonies

* Felonies (other than sex or violence related) with the past 10 years

* Any child abuse or domestic violence convictions

* Misdemeanors within the past seven years

VIII. Playground Audit: Playground  Guardian did a full playground inspection by a certified inspector as well as an ADA             Audit to make sure we are compliant. Jennifer Harned is still waiting for some information on resurfacing tested and then will               have a full report for the Parks board as well as City Council on how to go forward.

  1. Movies in the Park: Jennifer is in need of help for set up and tear down for the next two movie in the park dates, Saturday August 18, 2018 (Greatest Showman reschedule) and Saturday August 25th (Granger Days-Ferdinand). The more hands, the     faster the process. Jeri and Jen K are set for the 18th, possibly Lexi, Carla and Jeri for Granger days, possibly Lexi.
  2. Playground Maintenance Course: Brad Feick and Jennifer Harned plan on attending a playground maintenance course held in Pleasant Hill on September 20-21. This is a different course without a certification at the end, but instead an overview of information on how to keep it maintained.


  1. CCRA/Parks: At the end of the 2017/2018 fiscal year, Parks was 98% spent, Community Center was 99% spent. At the time of the August meeting, the 2018/2019 fiscal year had already started. Parks is 5.5% spent and Community Center is 1.1% spent.


  1. Grants Update: N/A


  1. City Council: Appointment of candidates



III. Board Action: Voted to recommend Ryan Castro to fill Angie Sebastian’s term; Voted to recommend Eric Smith to fill Lexi Diersen’s term; Voted to post volunteer disqualifiers on city website


  1. Old Business: None


V.New Business: Next meeting will be Wednesday, September 5, 2018 at 7PM


VI Adjornment: All Ayes to Adjourn

Carla motions, Lexi 2nds, meeting adjourned at 8:21pm


Granger City Council Meeting 4/11/2018

To download agenda click here

Granger City Council Agenda

April 11, 2018 – 7 p.m.

City Hall, 1906 Main Street


  1. Roll Call
  2. Consent Agenda—Approval of Agenda; Approve March 14, 2018, Minutes; Library Report; Treasurer Report; Clerk Report
  3. Public Forum
  4. Police Report
    1. Action to approve hiring Chris Knouse as a part-time police officer effective immediately
  5. Fire Department Report
  6. Ambulance Report
  7. Public Works Report
  8. Parks and Recreation Report
    1. Action to approve removal of meeting room wall at the Community Center
  9. The 2018 Sidewalk Improvement Program
  10. Engineer’s Report
  11. Discussion
  12. Action on Resolution 2018-1 – with respect to the adoption of Resolution of Necessity
  13. Ironwood Estates Plat 3
  14. Engineer’s Report
  15. Developer’s request to approve Final Plat, subject to the posting of acceptable surety for the completion of improvements
  16. Action on Resolution 2018-8 – approving Construction Plans for Ironwood Estates Plat 3
  17. Action on Resolution 2018-9 – approving Final Plat of Ironwood Estates Plat 3, subject to the City Clerk holding this Resolution in safekeeping until such time as the City Engineer, City Attorney, and City Clerk have collectively certified in writing that all public improvements have been satisfactorily completed, all surety and maintenance bonds have been posted in satisfactory form, that all platting documents have been submitted in satisfactory form, that the water fee of $250 and sewer fee of $250 for each lot has been paid, any required sidewalk agreement has been filed by the developer, and the Council has accepted the public improvements (or other arrangements made for the completion of the improvements by the posting of acceptable surety)
  18. Developer’s request that the Council consider approval of an urban renewal area incorporating a portion of Ironwood Estates Plat 3 and entering into a TIF reimbursement agreement
  19. Oxley Creek Improvements
  20. Engineer’s Report
  21. Discussion of claim filed by Nichols Equipment, LLC and deadline to file suit on claim
  22. Action to rescind Resolution 2017-37 which conditionally accepted the Improvements
  23. Action on Resolution 2018-10 – accepting Oxley Creek Improvements
  24. Action to direct City Attorney to notify parties of project acceptance
  25. 2015 Urban Quality Initiative – Engineer’s Report
  26. The Sidewalk Improvement Program – 2017 – Engineer’s Report
  27. Discussion – repair of sidewalks not included in Sidewalk Improvement Programs
  28. Highway 17 Traffic Study Report – Engineer’s Report
  29. City Engineer – Reports on any other projects and matters
  30. Discussion – potential annexation east of the City
  31. Action to set public hearing on amendment to FY 2017-2018 City Budget for 7 p.m. on May 9, 2018
  32. Report – Finance Committee – Bice and Schutt
  33. Approval of Bills for Payment
  34. Mayor’s Report
  35. Correspondence
  36. Adjournment

Kristy Trzeciak, City Clerk

Letter From Our New Mayor

To download the letter click here


As we start 2018, and I start my first year as Mayor, I felt it would be a good idea to communicate with everyone via our website, as well as our monthly newsletter.  I am excited about being Mayor, and excited about Granger’s opportunities to grow while keeping the sense of small-town values and community spirit that makes this town a fabulous place to live.

We started January with some personnel changes.  Our Director of Public Works, Mike Greif, retired after literally decades of serving all of you.  We are certainly thankful for all he did for the City.  In January’s council meeting, the Council and I approved the hiring of Jarrod Sturtz as our new Director of Public Works.  Jarrod has been with the city for 12 years, and is committed to continuing to serve all of you the best he can.  I know he will do great things.

We also welcomed two new City Council members, Rob Saak and John Schutt.  Both of them are eager to make a difference, and will work hard for all the citizens of this City.  Rob and John replaced Scott Smyth and Bob Herrold, who served this City faithfully for years and decades, respectfully.  Be sure to thank them for their service if you see them.

I have big ideas for Granger, and will work with the council and citizens of this City to grow business in Granger, keep improving our schools, and ensure our community has the resources needed to support its fast growing population.  I also want to improve communication between the City and its citizens.  As a result, I’m planning to have a quarterly meeting to update folks on City happenings, introduce City employees, and make sure you get to ask questions of me or any other City official as needed.  The first meeting will be at the Community Center on Wednesday, March 7, at 6pm.  Please make it a point to attend—an active citizenry makes for a great City.

I am always available to chat, listen or field questions or comments.  You can reach me at, or by cell phone at 515-473-8494.  I look forward to hearing your ideas on how to make Granger even better.   Thanks!