April 23, 2018 Minutes

April 23 Parks and Rec Board Meeting

Granger Parks and Rec Board Meeting, Monday, April 23, 2018


Call to Order: Lexi D. Called to order at 8:05pm.

Roll Call: Present – Lexi Diersen, Carla Drennen, Jeri Wendzel, Jennifer Kopp

Absent: Angie Sebastian

Members of Public – Jennifer Harned (Parks and Rec Director), Brad Feick, Sarah Watts, Sharon Wiese

Approval of the Agenda – Jeri motioned, Lexi seconded, all approved

Approval of March 26, 2018 Minutes: Lexi motioned, Jeri seconded, all approved

Public Forum- None


  1. Trails Committee Presentation: Community visioning
    • Background mapping of Granger
    • Landscape architects came up with plan to move the city forward
      1. Gives connection points to meet with regional parks
      2. Creek crossing & Trail Hub: Connect ball fields to Windcrest park
        1. Hub- Granger is a hub that can connect surrounding communities
      3. Downtown Gateway & Streetscape: Adopt a planter? Gateway to town
      4. Sycamore Gateway & Trail hub: Plaza to match one by Windcrest
      5. 141 Crossing & Gateway: Signage and crossing to safely get across


  1. Director Report: Water fountain has been fully installed; Surveys are all entered in/ data next month (May)


  1. CCRA/Parks: CCRA budget at 81% spent; Parks budget at 82% spent.


  1. Grants Update: Did not get the Bock Family Foundation Inc Grant, very competitive this year.


  1. City Council: Nothing to report


Board Action: None


Old Business: None

New Business: None


Next meetings: May 29, 2018 @ 7:00 pm


Drennen motioned to adjourn; Diersen seconded. All Ayes.

Diersen declared the meeting adjourned at 8:34 pm.